Friends Of The Corbin Forum
Promoting and Supporting the Cadet Activity

Members of the West Point Class of '81 originally organized the Friends of the Corbin Forum. The Friends of the Corbin Fund are a group of supporters that now includes other Alumni, members of the Armed Forces, business and civic leaders and members of academia that seek to enrich the Cadet experience by ensuring the funding is available to facilitate the Cadet activity. All endeavors are privately funded by the Friends of the Corbin Forum through the West Point Association of Graduates to the Director of Cadet Activities. Donations may be made through this site using the Contribute tab above.

The first event supported by the Friends of the Corbin Forum was a Leadership Workshop held in Boston on 15 November 2014. Our goal is to insure that funding is in place to support two to three workshops a year, as well as provide additional support for other Corbin Forum activities, including an annual Leadership Summit focused on gender related issues held at West Point. This video was prepared by BG (R) Rebecca Halstead, USMA '81, for the attendees of the Boston event. The ideas that Becky shares in the video, and in her highly acclaimed book, 24/7: The First Person You Must Lead Is You, captures the spirit of what the Friends of the Corbin Forum hope to foster in our next generation of leaders. A copy of the book was given to all Workshop participants.

The Corbin Forum is a Cadet Club and an approved funding need under the Director of Cadet Activities, USMA.

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