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The Friends of the Corbin Forum web site was create to raise funding and awareness for the Cadet activity by the Class of 1981. The Class organized the event featured in 2014. Our intent was to determine how and if the Class could develop and host a series of such events for Cadets as a way to give back to West Point and the mission it serves as a Class Gift.

The United States Military Academy established the Margaret Corbin Forum in 1976 (the first year women were admitted to West Point) to provide an opportunity for female cadets to discuss their experiences as they assimilated into the Corps of Cadets. Today, the activity is known as the Corbin Forum and its mission is to provide a forum within the Corps of Cadets for the presentation and discussion of gender related issues within the military.

For many years, the Forum has fostered within the organization and the Corps of Cadets a sense of pride in the accomplishments of military women in the past and present, and served to provide mentors and networking opportunities to female Cadets. With the lifting of the Combat Exclusion Policy and the requirement to fully integrate women into the force by 2016, the Corbin Forum has ascended to a more significant role at West Point for both female and male Cadets.

The Corbin Forum is focused on preparing a new generation of leaders for the Army of the future.

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